Water Leak Detection

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Reliable Water Leak Detection

Getting your plumbing system checked out is always a good idea whether it’s a regular practice or from a suspicion that something is going wrong. Positive Plumbing, Heating and Air provides water leak detection every day of the year for homeowners in and around Orange County, CA. When you choose this service, our plumbers come out with the right tools and training to detect issues that are going on in your system. Furthermore, they can spot issues that will happen in the future like blockages, pressure build-up, and more. When you want your plumbing system taken care of, call 949-933-5036 today to schedule your detection and testing.

Water Testing for Your Home

As emergency plumbers, we understand what causes each problem in a system that moves all of the water you use throughout your home. Leaks, for example, can occur for multiple reasons that can be due to several causes depending on where the pipe is in or outside the home. Some causes are:

  • External damages from roots or equipment
  • Wearing down from outside or inside the piping
  • Internal pressure buildup
  • Corrosion
  • Stress against or in the system

Unfortunately, if you could your piping outright, you’d likely be able to tell something was wrong most of the time. That’s where water leak detection comes in, catching the problems you cannot see so that you won’t need to worry about your piping causing any sort of trouble for your home. Water testing also can play a key role in both telling you the constitution of your water and also help you improve the lifespan of all your systems. The reason is if your water is hard or has a high mineral content, it is rougher on anything it interacts with. This includes your body, washers, dishwashers, piping, clothing, and anything more that it runs through. This is where our water filtration service comes in handy, when you need your water better filtrated, contact us and we have a solution for you. 

Call for Plumbing Services

Whether it’s just a regular inspection or a much-needed service, our water leak detection can help you year-round. Positive Plumbing, Heating and Air is ready to help homeowners around Orange County, CA with our expertise and know-how. Call 949-933-5036 today to schedule your appointment for leak detection, water testing, and more.