Water Heater Replacement and Installation

tanked water heater

Professionally Done Water Heater Installation

Modern water heaters, both electric and tanked, are the one thing you should have in your home for both your comfort as well as your health. Let Positive Plumbing, Heating and Air adapt the perfect model in our water heater installation service which can keep you happy with hot water whenever you want it. We can converse with you and offer multiple options thanks to our primary location in Orange County, CA. Whether you need a new installation or a water heater replacement, we’ve got you covered with the best professional plumbers around. Call 949-933-5036 today to schedule your replacement or installation.

Get your New Water Heater

Whether it’s from old age or a general buildup inside your old water heater, our professional plumbers are more than capable of serving you with a solid water heater installation. As electric and tanked heaters are the most common choices, Positive Plumbing, Heating and Air can easily provide services for both. As the best local business in Orange County, CA for heating, air conditioning, and plumbing, we can guarantee your satisfaction with our options. 

As electric water heaters go, we can fully recommend you to sufficient models and get you the best water heater installation in turn. Being a more modern form of water heating, a homeowner can expect a greener and more efficient system for their home thanks to how the electric option constantly heats the water. Tanked water heaters on the other hand are less expensive over time thanks to their use of gas but are a little more limited to how much water they can produce on any given day. While a single or pair of homeowners will not likely get to the limit a tanked water heater can produce, a family or larger group may. 

We also extend our water heater inspection service if you would like your water heater managed appropriately. As it turns out, most water heater replacements tend to be due to a buildup of sediment inside the tank. We can both advise on how to and carry out a system flushing when it is necessary or requested. 

For more about our water heater services, a water heater installation, or a replacement all you need to do is call 949-933-5036 today. Our representatives are ready and willing to take your call.